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Why Choose UK Payroll Service?

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Why Choose UK Payroll Service?

In the current financial climate many Businesses including Educational Establishments are looking to save money at every opportunity in order to be able to use their limited funds on critical expenditure.
What are your total costs for running your payroll each year not forgetting to include the ancillary costs for, payslips, postage, reporting and year end processing?

Here at UK Payroll Service we can merge all of these costs into one annual fee and take the hassle away from you.
Let us have the responsibility for running your payroll and free you to focus on your core business during these tough times.

Depending on the size of your Business we can cut your payroll bill by up to 35% and in return will provide a first class service from which your staff will know that they will be paid accurately at all times. Rates fixed for two years assuming no major changes in frequency of pay and/or number of employees.

As a family run business we guarantee the personal touch where you or your employees will speak to the same person every time they have the need to discuss any aspect of their pay.
This ensures, not only continuity in the service, but more importantly a consistency in how you and your employees are dealt with.

We are so confident in our service that we will not tie you in to unnecessarily long contracts. Approaching the end of the financial year we will contact you to establish that you are satisfied with the service and undertake to continue into the next year.

We can help you to reduce the financial and administrative burden of payroll at very competitive prices, email us at or simply contact us on 01691 610908.